Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Sensis...

I wanted to take the time to write and thank-you for your interest in interviewing me. After a surprisingly short interview, I was shocked to learn I would be answering no technical questions in my quest for an electrical engineering co-op. I enjoyed my conversation, even if the questions were unrelated to my skill set and goals. I was asked what my grad school plans were, to which I honestly answered nuclear engineering or nuclear physics, but not for several years, as I plan on working in the field first. I explained that further down the road, my plans could easily change, since I've never worked hands on with the subjects I know, besides lab work. Instead of taking that as an opportunity to change my mind, to try and convince me that electrical engineering was the way to go, it was viewed as a dismissal.

Human Resources contacted my father and explained that I was perfectly suited to the job, and my relevant coursework was adequate. But Sensis has two divisions, Defense and Air Traffic, so my grand master plan of grad school with a nuclear bent was inadequate. Never mind the fact that the gentleman who interviewed me earned his degree in nuclear engineering, worked for several years as a nuclear engineer, then became burnt out and moved to Sensis to work for the Air Traffic division. Obviously newcomers are not allowed to change their mind further down the road, they must have an education and work plan that they stick to.

So thank-you, Sensis, for your interest, and lack of care. Apparently next time I interview with your company I will have to lie through my teeth and say what you want to hear to get the job. Screw honesty. How far will that get me in life?